Team & Acknowledgement

    The HPI-VDB portal as well as the relevant research work are non-profit. The data and services offered by are all free of charge and can only be used for personal and non-commercial use. We are thankful to:
    • our former team members: Robert Schuppenies and Sebastian Roschke (both now with Google Inc., in Mountain View, USA), for their exploratory work in this project;
    • HPI Master student team: Marian Gawron, Anton Gulenko, Patrick Schulze, Gary Yao, for the development of the first prototype of HPI-VDB;
    • SAP AG and HPI FutureSoC Lab for offering us the required Hardware and Software, especially, the modern HPI HANA database;
    • many other public VDBs and software vendors, e.g., NVD, Secunia, CERT, OVAL, SecurityFocus, Microsoft Security Bulletins, Google Security Notes, SAP Security Notes, etc.