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Vulnerability Analysis

We are currently updating the Vulnerability Feeds implementation and therefore the service might experience temporary malfunctions.

HPI-VDB portal is the result of research work conducted by IT-Security Engineering Team at HPI. It is a comprehensive and up-to-date repository which contains a large number of known vulnerabilities of Software. The vulnerability information being gathered from Internet is evaluated, normalized, and centralized in the high performance database. The textual descriptions about each vulnerability entry are grabbed from the public portals of other vulnerability databases, software vendors, etc. A well-structured data model is proposed to host all pieces of information which is related to the specific vulnerability entry. Thanks to the high quality data saved in our database, many fancy services can be provided, including browsing, searching, self-diagnosis, Attack Graph (AG), etc. Additionally, we offer many types of API for IT developers to use our database for their development.

Currently the database contains 124236 vulnerabilities , which are originate from 357456 different programs of 21042 vendors

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Based on these information, analytical and additional important security features will be performed, e.g.
  • Browsing
  • Search
  • Self Diagnosis
  • Attack-Graph Construction
  • Additionally we provide APIs to integrate the information in external software
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